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The APAF presents forums, discussion meetings and seminars to which the public is invited free of charge.

Voluntary donations to cover the costs of presenting the meetings and publicity are solicited at the meetings.

We’ve inaugurated a new custom to begin the evening: a reception with snacks and juice and coffee before the Forum, starting at 6PM, in the Library coffee shop – bring your favorite finger food, dessert or juice etc., to share. A good time to chat with the guest speaker(s) and your other friends before the Forum program at 7:15.

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The Forum in on hiatus, and will resume in September with a program on the “28th Amendment”.

HaitiAction’s Pierre LaBossiere gave an insightful talk on Haiti, its history, and where it is today. Mp3s of his presenmtation and the Q&A that followed are linked below To learn more, you may go to the Haiti Action Committee website; and if you wish to help, here is the website of the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. You may learn more about President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s Foundation.

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The international foreign policy of plantation diplomacy has once again forced the nostalgia of colonization into the Caribbean, where the history of African liberation from enslavement capitalism began in 1804 with the Haitian defeat of Napoleon’s French army. Defeated and humiliated, France embarked on a fanatical campaign of revenge and terrorism against Haiti. Haiti was even forced to pay reparations to France. Since this historic point, many countries (Europe, Canada, the USA) and even the UN have attempted to destabilize the island Republic of Haiti. Between 1915 and 1935, Haiti was invaded, occupied, and exploited by the USA. In 1957, the USA supported the corrupt and brutal regimes of Francois Duvalier (Papa Doc) and his son, Baby Doc (1971) in Haiti. So once again, in order to liberate Haiti from the greed of corruption and the corruption of greed, the people of Haiti took action to restore democracy in their country.

(From and interview with Pierre LaBossier. Full interview; Source.)

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Article: The Great War's Ominous Echoes

Now available, mp3s of Giovanni Vassalo’s presentation, The Tibetan Struggle for Freedom

China, the U.S. and the “Pivot to the Pacific”
by Arthur and Gretchen Lipow , November 2012 (For Peace and Justice Caucus November NEA) READ

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Mp3s and AIFs of the June 16 Forum with Prof. Jack Rasmus, “Obama’s Economic Plan: Recovery for the Few and Continuing Poverty and Suffering for the Many” are now available:

mp3 Talk and Q&A
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Our earlier talks are archived (see menu button above); for more recent programs, from the May Forum on Fukushima by Andy Lichterman and Michael Eisensher, to our more recent offerings, including a video of the October 15 Occupy Rally, featuring Danny Glover, and our last Forum on the Occupy movement, with speakers from Jack Gershon and Barry Schultz to Gretchen and Arthur Lipow by clicking: Forum Archive.

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See you — in friendship and solidarity for a better America built from the bottom up by democratic citizen action! Our problems in Alameda are the same as the problems in every town and city in America. Come to the Forum to explore these problems and their solution. More than ever we are in danger of losing our freedoms: let's not let that happen! Democracy depends on each of us — turn off the television and meet your neighbors and other concerned citizens at the Forums. Speak out and challenge the accepted wisdom! Make up your own mind! Think for yourselves. That's what democracy is all about.

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[For an interview with Vanessa Graber, community radio director at the Prometheus Radio Project, on Low Power radio, click HERE.]

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Unless otherwise noted, the Forum is held every second Saturday evening from 7 to 9:30 pm in Conference Rooms A/B at the Alameda Free Library, 1550 Oak St. (Oak & Lincoln), Alameda, California. Come at 6:30 to snack and socialize. Bring something to share.

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